Lettres d'Europe et d'Ailleurs

See each scene deep, love it like a complex faceted jewel. Get the light, shadow & vivid color. Set scene the night before. Sleep on it, write it in the morning.

Sylvia Plath, Journals

This festival brings together once a year authors from Europe and elsewhere. Dedicated to the exploration of writing, languages and the contemporary world, these writers’ meetings take place in public and aim to question notably our relationship with reality, climate, animality, politics and poetics.

In a changing world, we would like to link together different linguistic spheres.

We organize these debates hand-in-hand with cultural institutes, bookshops and universities.

inage frontiere de frank smith

Frontière © Frank Smith

edition 2021


On everyone's lips, even behind our masks, the word "crisis" comes up again and again. Health crisis, ecological crisis, economic crisis, crisis of civilizations... It's like a relay stick being passed around, in the middle of an athletics race that would be called "The World After".


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